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Fine Bone China

Worcestershire, England

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Over all each piece goes through 7 separate firings 1 bisque, 2 glaze, 3 paint, and finally (fingers crossed) gilding or gold,  kiln temperatures range from around 1300c for bisque down to 770c for paint and gold firings.

Some of the pieces are painted internally as well as externally, a technique I first developed while working for Kingsley Enamels and is probably unique in the history of the craft and today’s fine art. The level of detail achieved on the inside is equal to that of the outside, I work extremely hard and take great pride in offering the highest quality possible but staying competitively priced, the “Inside-Outside” prestige pieces may take 2-3 weeks to design and paint the first one, and about a week to paint each consecutive one in the edition. Edition sizes are kept low, (Maximum of 10 Worldwide) I like to think the pieces I produce are miniature works of art and hope they will be admired for generations to come.

The design of each vase shape is first drawn on a piece of paper before taking it to local china and mould maker (Mark Lewis) who will then turn a block of plaster into the required profile and use it to make a master mould, from which he will then make several working moulds. China slip is used to pour into the mould and is left for a short period of time, the timing is critical as the best china is thin and translucent. After firing, the piece will go on to have two glaze firings before it is ready for painting.

Eric Knowles, the international ceramics expert, who knows quality when he see’s it

 believes this is some of the finest china available today.

In the photo Eric is examining one of Steve’s Prestige pieces.

More on the information page, by Peter Wilde & Gemma Handy

Steve is a ceramics artist with more than 45 years experience in the fine art of freehand painted china. His exceptional talent and Meticulous attention to detail have earned him an international reputation. In addition to producing limited edition pieces to selected retailers, Steve also undertakes a wide variety of special commissions.  

The above as been GREATLY simplified, it actually takes weeks of work from start to finish, so I’ve kept the process description as short as possible,

Thanks for looking..........STEVE.